Thursday, 18 August 2011

My motto

I do not have any talent, I only do things passionately! A. Einstein

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Miro and the Surrealism - some lines

Joan Miro' 's dream like canvases of 1920s are associated with the Surrealist movement. We are in front of " peinture-poesie" works. Miro' was reading Rimbaud, Alfred Jarry, Saint-Pol-Roux and Comte de Lautreamont.
He was never a member of the Dada or of the Surrealist group in Paris but he shared their rejection of traditional painting. In 1923 he met Robert Desnos, one of the "sleeping"poets who produced poetry in an unconscious state.
Inspired by Surrealists experiments in automatism, Miro' developed a language of marks, signs and symbols in his paintings.
His friend Michel Leiris was a member of the Surrealist movement. In Paris, Miro' shared the Blomet studios with other artists such as Andre' Masson.
"Rather that setting out to paint something, I begin painting. As I paint the picture begins to assert itself under my brush. The form becomes a sigtn for a woman or a bird as I work...the first stage is free, unconscious."



Earth and Sky

Acrylic on canvas
The four elements melting in earth and sky
Cer si pamant