Thursday, 1 March 2012

Something about Freud and dreams

According to Freud the dream has  two parts. 
The manifest and the latent content. 
The manifest content is what a person would remember as soon as they wake up. Freud gives little importance to this part.
The latent content holds the true meaning of the dream – the forbidden thoughts and the unconscious desires. These appear in the manifest content but are disguised and hard to be understood or recognized. 

Symbolism in dreams 
Objects such as tree-trunks, ties, all weapons, sticks, balloons, rockets and other elongated objects were all symbols for the male organ/an erection. 
Boxes, cases, chests, cupboards, ovens, suitcases and other hollow objects represented the female genitalia.
A room means a woman but so could the whole house, a door or the whole dream landscape. 
Walking up a staircase, steps or ladders could also signify a sexual act.